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820 Forest Hills School Rd N
Marshville, NC, 28103

(704) 233-9277

Mephibosheth Farm is nationally recognized by the Professional Association
of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH, Intl).  
Our goal is to share the benefits of horseback riding with those who
experience physical, psychological or developmental disabilities.  
Horseback riding has been shown to improve balance, coordination and
strength.  In addition to these physical benefits participants also
experience increased self-confidence, social awareness and emotional

The Board of Directors

Meet our board of directors at Mephibosheth Farms Angelic Riders a therapeutic riding center in Marshville, North Carolina

The Board of Directors


Pastor William "Bill" Knight

Chairman of the Board

What is your background? 
Senior Pastor - Image Church Matthews, NC

How long have you been a board member?
Since 2003

What drew you to the Angelic Riders program?
Mike & Ruby's heart and passion to touch the lives of people through the this program.

What is your favorite experience at Mephibosheth? 

Seeing and experiencing the progress made by the riders, which brings healing to them.

What is your favorite hobby? 
Fishing and traveling.

Janice Helms


Job: I have worked in the fields of special education and/or mental health counseling for the past 26 years.  My work experience has transitioned from special education teacher to Infant-Toddler and Family Specialist for children ages birth to three with developmental disabilities, to my current role as mental health therapist in private practice.

How long have you been a board member? 
I have been blessed to serve as a board member of MFAR since 2002.

What drew you to the Angelic Riders program?   
 I was drawn to Angelic Riders because of its purpose and the life that was present in the vision God gave to Michael and Ruby Harris.

What is your favorite experience at Mephibosheth? My favorite experience is repetitive, but always the same.  It is the smile of a child and their families, as they experience the joy of success that is made through their personal connections with the farm.  It begins as an experiential joy, made differently for each child.  The smile may be because of connections to a person who doesn't judge, stare, or question; a horse that gives them freedom previously unknown to their life; an event that gives them a sense of pride, belonging, or vested ownership; or simply a sense of peace.

What is your favorite hobby? My favorite hobby is “spending extra time”.  It is a rare commodity in my life and I am very cautious as to how I spend it

Tony Bartlett

Vice President


Job: Facility Operations Director for AC Controls Co., Inc

How long have you been a board member? 
5 years

What drew you to the Angelic Riders program?   
My children volunteered with the program and my son served on the Board of Directors. Through them I became interested and began to volunteer myself as a personal ministry. 

What is your favorite experience at Mephibosheth? 
When Michael told me about how one of the riders, Jon, liked the exercise rings that I gave to the farm and wanted to know if I could make him some to have at his home. I love helping people and this truly touched my heart to think that a veteran who has given up so much for me and my family and this great country we live in was asking if I could do something so minor. It was an honor for me to get him some rings for home. 

What is your favorite hobby? 
I really enjoy going fishing at the coast off of the pier at Surfside Beach. I find it to be very rewarding.

Cathy Burton


How long have you served as a board member: I have been a board member for about 5 years .
What drew me to Angelic Riders?  I was looking for an individual sport that would build on John’s physical and cognitive skills and involve animals. This seemed to be a perfect match for him. It was also an activity that John and I could do together.
What is your favorite experience at Mephibosheth Farms? I enjoy seeing the student's progress and become more independent riders. The student's smiles and excitement of getting on their favorite horse and going on a trail ride with Mr. Michael.
What is your favorite hobby?  I probably have too many, but besides being with my family I love animals and learning about their behavior, communicating with them and training. It’s all very fascinating and I am always learning from them.
What do you like best about being involved with Mephibosheth? Seeing Michael’s dedication to the farm and students, the love between the horse and rider, the understanding the horses have for their unpredictable riders, fundraising for the walkathon, talking to my son daily about the horses at the farm and the special one that Michael will have out for him on Wednesday afternoon and getting to ride Gus the Paso Fino. It’s a sanctuary for adults and children to leave their worries behind.       


Denise Moore


What is your job?  I am currently "retired" and enjoy spending time with my 3 grandchildren. I am also a pastor's wife. 

How long have you been a board member? 
I have been a board member for around 5 years, but I have been volunteering at the farm since 2005.
What drew you to the Angelic Riders program?  I really became interested in the farm after attending a fundraising auction.
What is your favorite experience at Mephibosheth?  Just seeing the kid's faces and hearing them laugh while riding makes my day. I also enjoy planning and helping with the annual Walkathon.
What is your favorite hobby?  I enjoy trail riding, reading and crossword puzzles.