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820 Forest Hills School Rd N
Marshville, NC, 28103

(704) 233-9277

Mephibosheth Farm is nationally recognized by the Professional Association
of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH, Intl).  
Our goal is to share the benefits of horseback riding with those who
experience physical, psychological or developmental disabilities.  
Horseback riding has been shown to improve balance, coordination and
strength.  In addition to these physical benefits participants also
experience increased self-confidence, social awareness and emotional

Group Volunteers/Projects

Opportunities for church groups, student groups and more at Mephibosheth Farms Angelic Riders a therapeutic riding center in Marshville, North Carolina 

Group Volunteers/Projects

Occasionally we are asked by churches, civic groups and groups of students if there are any projects we’d like done and the answer is yes. There is always something that can be started, completed or redone around the farm. Contact us, we appreciate all the help.

We utilize groups of volunteers into two types.

Type A group volunteering is for large groups such as church groups or civic groups. These groups help us with painting, building or other such activities. 

Type B group volunteering is for small groups such as students who are interested in working with the horses and riders. These groups need to complete the volunteer applications, review the appropriate trainings and complete the quizzes to bring with them and then call, text or email to arrange for a visit.

Volunteers painting a fence at Mephibosheth Farms Angelic Riders 

Volunteers painting a fence at Mephibosheth Farms Angelic Riders 

Group of vo  lunteers p  ainting the hay trailer   at Mephibosheth Farms Angelic Riders 

Group of volunteers painting the hay trailer at Mephibosheth Farms Angelic Riders