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820 Forest Hills School Rd N
Marshville, NC, 28103

(704) 233-9277

Mephibosheth Farm is nationally recognized by the Professional Association
of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH, Intl).  
Our goal is to share the benefits of horseback riding with those who
experience physical, psychological or developmental disabilities.  
Horseback riding has been shown to improve balance, coordination and
strength.  In addition to these physical benefits participants also
experience increased self-confidence, social awareness and emotional


Mephibosheth/Angelic Riders is a blessing to so many and changes lives for the better. Feel so honored to be able to volunteer here and work with some of the riders, volunteers and Michael and Morgan. The horses are therapy for everyone that comes here.

~Krista Gomes, volunteer~

I am so amazed at how devoted, patient, selfless, understanding and wonderful Michael and Morgan are. They give their all to all of the riders who come to their farm. They make each and every one of them feel so special, so important. They put themselvs on the same level, whatever level that may be for each individual, so that there is nothing seperating them, no disability and give them just the right kind of genuine attention that makes their 1 hour of time at the farm, so amazing and fun, while teaching them more than horseback riding skills. They teach them confidence and so much more. Angelic Riders is more than a five star oganization, they are heaven on earth!!! I recommend them to not just riders but to anyone who would be interested in volunteering! Make the call!!!

~Mary Whitis, volunteer~

I have recently started volunteering there about a month ago. I have really grown to love it and I always enjoy my day there. The horses are beautiful and well taken care of, Morgan and Michael are great with the kids, and it just has a great atmosphere. I have also taken a few lessons there which I have really enjoyed. I strongly recommend volunteering there!!!

~Abigail, volunteer~

My name is Jonathan Roberts, and I was injured when I went to Iraq with the U.S. Army. While there, a foreign worker thought he was supposed to drive on the left side of the road and Because of his confusion we hit head on and I received a traumatic brain injury, and can’t walk. I love getting outside, and moving, so when I woke up after 6 months in a hospital and realized I couldn’t walk, I thought I was going crazy. Homes For Our Troops, built me a house, just south of Waxhaw, North Carolina, and one lady who was helping them told me about this farm about 45 minutes away that is especially setup so that handicapped people can ride horses. My parents contacted Mephibosheth farm and set up a ride for me, and the rest of my story is joy. My brain injury gives me a terrible memory, so I am not sure how long I have been riding horses at Mephibosheth farm, but I look forward to every Tuesday afternoon, which is when I get to ride. When I first started riding Michael Harris knew that I was a former soldier, so he showed me two metal rings that are hanging from the ceiling in the arena at the farm for doing pull-ups.  I really liked doing a ton of pull-ups in the Army, so I really appreciated it that they keep these rings up even though I am one of the only people who uses them. During my time in the Army I also really liked running through the woods, and I was overjoyed when I saw that part of the farm is covered in woods. I can’t run through the woods anymore, but I can ride a horse through the woods and they have different activities for me to practice using my hands. 

~Jonathan Roberts, rider~